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This class is very practical for ruby programmers.
~ Mo Khan

"Unix Fu was one of the best workshops - remote or in person - that I have ever had the pleasure of attending. [..] It was highly technical but still very accessible to someone new to Unix programming. Jesse has outstanding content and an outstanding, interactive presentation style."
~ Nell Shamrell

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"Taking this class reminded me of my early days as a programmer where a more senior guy would let me drop by his office once in awhile and I would just watch him code. He would explain things he thought were note worthy and I could always stop him and ask him questions. [..] this workshop--in a way--recreated that experience for me. It was really fun."
~ Steven Hansen

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Attending the live workshop costs $500 AND you need to block off two days of work to attend.

With the videos you can go through the content and the exercises at your own pace and it'll only cost you 3 payments of $97. Plus I'm still around to answer your questions via email.

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"If you don't know difference between exec, system and %x() or Backticks, you should definitely take this online course. Worth every penny."
~ Erich Kaderka