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For a long time, stuff like system(), popen(), and process spawning in general were mysteries to me. I essentially treated anything below those methods as a magical black box.

However, once I grasped a few basic Unix programming primitives, namely fork(2), execve(2), and some IPC, I saw that these few basic primitives underlie ALL the process spawning that was happens on a system. Everything from your shell to your web server to your boot-time process launcher uses these same primitives.

This is an awesome realization once you grasp it.

The video below will walk though implementing a flavour of the popen() process spawning method in Ruby. You're jumping into the middle of an exercise here so I don't go into a lot of detail about fork(2) and execve(2), but you'll get the whole story (and lots more exercises) in the workshop.

The workshop is very hands-on and you end up building several 'mini' projects like this. If you've ever wondered about pre-forking servers, daemon processes, shells, or job workers, you'll get hands-on experience with building all of these things during the workshop.

The next edition is happening on August 12 & 13 from 1pm to 5pm EST. There are currently 25 19 spots left. The early bird price of $499 USD ends on August 1st (next Thursday).

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