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[Interview] Daniel Huckstep on Ruby's stdlib and golang - July 02, 2013

I recorded a conversation with Daniel Huckstep about two topics that always arouse discussion: Ruby's stdlib and the Go programming language. Daniel is a Ruby developer, Go convert, and the author of Go: The Standard Library (ebook). Here are the highlights with links straight to the transcript: Daniel's "Ruby Batteries Included" talk from Mountain West Rubyconf # Core library vs. Standard library # ...
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[Interview] Brian Shirai on Rubinius 2.0, the GIL, and thread-safe Ruby code - March 26, 2013

Brian Shirai and I recorded a conversation about multi-threaded programming in Ruby and his work on Rubinius. Listen (or read the transcript) to hear about: what's the global lock and its effect on concurrency? why the GIL is not a substitute for thread-safety why multi-threading is hard to reason about, and the best approach to doing so the three things ...
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