Environmentally Friendly Image Search

Published on January 07, 2009 by Jesse Storimer

Recently I was looking for some stock images on Google Image Search and wasn’t finding what I wanted. So I searched for other image search engines and found Picsearch.

Not only did it give me better results but they are apparently the first search engine to go carbon neutral.

Here is their 4 step program:

1. Picsearch plants 1000 new trees for every gigawatt-hour consumed.
2. Picsearch buys and holds in trust 2 acres of old growth forest for every gigawatt-hour consumed.
3. Picsearch only uses electricity that is carbon free and follows the highest standard of production.
4. Picsearch buys carbon credits equivalent to all energy that Picsearch consumes.

So next time Google Images isn’t finding what you are after, try a friendly alternative.

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