Installing rb-gsl on Snow Leopard

Published on October 18, 2009 by Jesse Storimer

I wanted to try experimenting with SVD recommenders in Ruby (via this fantastic blog post and was having a hell of a time trying to install Ruby’s linalg. When I saw that there was also an example using rb-gsl, I was thrilled because rb-gsl is available from MacPorts. No problem, right? Wrong!

Currently if you try to install rb-gsl form MacPorts (on Snow Leopard) you will get a build error. If you download the latest release of rb-gsl (1.10.3 at the time of this writing) you will get the same build error. It appears to have some code that doesn’t work on Snow Leopard. Here is how I got it installed.

  1. If you haven’t already, install MacPorts for Snow Leopard (
  2. Install the GSL library
    $ sudo port install gsl plotutils
  3. Because of the incompatibility of the current rb-gsl and Snow Leopard, you will have to install from the latest svn checkout.
    $ svn checkout svn://
    $ cd rb-gsl/trunk/rb-gsl
    $ sudo ruby setup.rb config --prefix=/usr/local
  4. Then we need to edit two lines in the generated ext/Makefile
  5. Open up the file for editing and change these two lines to look like this:
    DLDFLAGS = -L.
    LDSHARED = $(CC) -pipe -bundle -undefined dynamic_lookup
  6. Then continue with the build and you should be on your way
    $ sudo ruby setup.rb setup
    $ sudo ruby setup.rb install


If you are installing this lib to test out the example from above then you may want to check out my comment on that article.


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