delayed_paperclip Needs a Maintainer

Published on June 13, 2012 by Jesse Storimer

A few years back I released a library called delayed_paperclip. For those that don't know: delayed_paperclip is an 'add-on' for the paperclip gem from thoughtbot, it makes it dead easy to offload post-processing of attachments to your background queue. You're not actually resizing images while your user is waiting for a response are you?

I stopped maintaining the library when I stopped maintaining the application it was built for. At that time the venerable Bert Goethals stepped in and kept the library working with the latest paperclip releases. Bert has since moved on and delayed_paperclip needs some love. There are currently some compatibility issues with the latest version of paperclip and some new background queue backends that are needed (sidekiq comes to mind).

If you're using delayed_paperclip on your project and have an interest in keeping it up to date with the latest versions of paperclip please get in touch!